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Renold Jackman

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 7th September 1597
Probate Date: 20th December 1597
Proved by Robert Jackman brother of the testator
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/90

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives

See also: Billington Manor


The last will and testament of Renold Jackman M[aste]r of Artes of Christchurch dated in the yeare of our sov[er]aigne Lady Elizabeth the nine & thirteth Anno D[omi]ni 1597 and the seaventh daie of September .

In the name of god Amen I Renolde Jackman of Billington in the countie of Bedf[ord] and M[aste]r of Artes of Christchurch in Oxford, revokeinge all other wills, make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge First I beinge in good and perfect memorie I bequeath my bodie to be buried where it shall please god I shall departe this mortalitie, and my soule which is the principall of all unto the greate goodnes of that heavenlie and everlivinge kinge Christe Jesus to raigne with him and his angells in perpetuall wyes And although I doe acknowledge my selfe to be a most grevous sinner and have often offended the maiestie of the most highest; yet doe I verilie hope for to be of the number of those whereof Christe speaketh came the blessed of my father and receive a kingdome prepared for you before the begining of the worlde, not that I can deserve anie thinge of my selfe for whatsoever good thing I doe receive it is from above and doeinge the best I can yet am I an unprofitable servant I \knowe/ therefore through the mercie of Christ Jesus that whosoever beleveth in Christe Jesus unfainedlie shall have everlastinge life for thorowe him we are reconciled unto his father by whome nowe we have received the atonement by whome we are freed from sinne and made servantes unto god to have our fruite in holines and in the ende everlastinge life. Secondlie I give unto the Studentes of Christchurch in Oxforde for theire Gawdeys three poundes. Item I give unto my mother five poundes. Item I give unto my sister Goughe Ursula and Raphe Jackman six poundes to be equallie devided. Item I give unto John Greene five poundes. Item unto Mr. Slaters sonnes three poundes. Item unto the poore people where it shall please god that my body shalbe buried three poundes. Item I give unto the Librarie of Christes Church in Oxford three or fouer of my best bookes. Item I give unto olde Joane a servant of my mothers five shillinges. Item I will that my sister Dorothy Jackman shall receive of my Executor at Billington Chappell the two & twenteth daie of October next ensueinge to her marriage uppon sufficient assurance from Giles Briofeilde? and one other sufficient man to be bounde with him thirtie poundes, and the other seaven poundes to be paide her in like sorte at Michaelmas next followinge by my Executor to make up a hundreth poundes to her marriage. Item I will that my Executor shall lende unto my mother uppon her owne bonde for a whole yere twentie poundes. Item I will that my Executor shall set up againste some wall in the channcell a peece of brasse under which I wolde have my father my brother and my selfe mentioned for a remembrance where we are buried with some verses in lattin under it and some Englishe proes on the toppe. Item I will that my Executor shall have a twelve moneth to gather up my pettie debtes to discharge my Legacies, exceptinge my sisteres thirtie poundes. Item I will that all suche writeinges as shall come unto my Executor toucheinge either the freeholde of the manor of Billington or the coppieholde to be delivered to my brother Gabriell Jackman with my Annuitie in parchment unto him also. Item I give unto my sister Ursula to her marriage eight poundes to be paide out of the monie due to my sister Dorothy at Christmas next by my brother Gabriels promise and the other eight poundes and a marke to himselfe If I happen to die before the time. All my debtes beinge paide and my funerall and Legacies discharged I make my brother Robert Jackman of Billington in the countie of Bedford gentleman my whole & sole Executor to aske demande and require whatsoever money goodes writeinges bills or bondes that of righte belongeth unto me to the onelie proper use and behoofe of my Executor And leaveinge and forsakeinge this mortalitie I betake my selfe to the handes of the ever liveinge Lorde when if shall please him to receive me and take me to his mercie out of this misery. In witnes of this my last will and Testament I the foresaide Reinold Jackman have subscribed my name In the prescence of these witnesses as followeth. By me Renold Jackman. Anthonie Sclater. Mark Griffith.

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