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John Man

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 10th October 1657
Probate Date: 14th April 1658
Proved by Elizabeth Man, widow of the testator
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/276

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives


In the name of God Amen the Tenth day of October in the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand six hundred Fiftie & Seaven I John Man the elder of Eginton in the parrish of Laighton Bussard in the Countie of Bedford yeoman being in good & perfect memorie (thanks be to God for this and all other his mercies bestowed uppon mee) doe make this present writinge with myne owne hand thereby to declare it to be my last will in manner & Forme forme Following I give & bequeath my soule & bodie into the hands of God my Creator with sure & full trust and Confidence only by the death & passion of Jesus Christ to Inherit everlastinge life in his kingdome prepared for me and for all the elected and Chosen Children of God And of my worldly goods which God of his mercy hath given to mee I give & appoynt unto the poore Twentie doozens of bred to be given to them by the discretion of Elizabeth my wife upon the day of my buryall And I also give to the poore people of Eginton Six shillings to bee payd to them by Elizabeth my wife within Tenn weekes next after my decease to such persons as shee shall nominate or apoynt to have the same Item I give & bequeath unto John Man my loving grandchilde my Chest of Cofer which standeth in my lodging chamber at my bed foote togither with all my deedes and writings therin being Concerning my lands to him & to his heires and Assignes for ever And whereas heretofore by my deede in writing under my hand and seale bearing date the eleventh day of September in the sixt yeare of the Raigne of o[u]r late King Charles over England. I the said John Man did then make graunt & Confirme a certaine estate of houses medowes & pastures in Eginton aforesaid to be a Competent mayntenance and Joynture for Elizabeth my wife during her naturall life if she should me overlive And whereas by the said Indenture I did ther except one Barne called the barlie barne and free passage by and through the gates yards & Closes of them so then assigned as aforesaid only for the use of mine heires & Assignes to and from the said barne Now therefore I the said John Man thelder (for the p[re]servation of peace & prevention of strife which otherwise may be hereafter about the said passages I the said John Man by this my will doe graunt assigne & confirme the said barlie barne with the Cart house & shuds therunto fastennd or adjoyned to be aded or put to the before graunted or mencioned Joynture named in the aforsaid deede or writing concerning the same And by this my will I doe release & make all those passages Cleerly voyd & of none effect And doe warrant acquite & for ever defend All the said Assigned barne & former Joynture unto the use of the said Elizabeth my wife & her Assignes during the terme of her naturall life free from all such passages as are before herin mencioned Item I give to my Sister Anne Farre Twentie shillings to be payd within twentie weekes next after my decease if shee shalbe then living Item I do will & apoint that Elizabeth my wife shall pay Twentie and eight shillings yearlie for the quitrents due out of all my houses & lands (that is to say) to Standbridge Two pence for freeholde To Laighton for Coppieholde Ten pence and for Freeholde Twentie & Seaven shillings And I will shee shall pay six shillings yearlie to my sister Anne Farre & Five pounds which shall be due to my said sister Anne Farre if her husband shall dye before her my said sister Item I give to my sonne John Turner & to his sonne my grandchilde Two shillings Item all the rest my goods & Chattles herein yet unbequeathed (over & above my debts & legasies payd & my funeralls performed and all my bonds & other debts due to mee whatsoever I give & bequeath them unto Elizabeth my wife & to her Assignes to pay & performe this my will in all things And to this purpose I make & Constitute the said Elizabeth my wife my full & whole Executrix of this my last will & do herby make all my former wills to be utterlie voyd publishing this p[re]sent writing to be my last will In witnesse whereof I have set my hand I doe apo[i]nt Elizabeth my wife to be gardener to John Man my grandchilde and I doe give her all the Benefitt of my Freehold land tell hee Cometh to the eage of Forteene yeares and then the said Elizabeth to give An acont for it to the saide John Man. John Man the Elder .///. William Andrew ./// Agnis Grover hir marke ///.

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