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Thomas Stevens

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 10th & 12th December 1638
Probate Date: 30th January 1638/9
Proved by Anne Stevens, widow of the testator and Francis Clober
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/179

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives


In the name of god Amen. I Thomas Stevens of Heath and Reach in the parrishe of Layton Bussard in the County of Bedford yeoman beinge sick in bodie but in perfecte memory praised be god doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, First I bequeath my soule to Allmightie god my maker and to Jesus Christ my Redeemer hopinge assuredly through the Merrittes of his death and passion to be made p[ar]taker of everlastinge glory And as for my worldly goodes that the lord hath lente me as followeth Item I give to Francis Seare, Francis Welles, William Brewer, and John Ashwell and theire executors and administrators, twentie poundes to be imploied to the use of the poore of Layghton forev[er], Item I give to Richard Meade John Hopkins my tennant William Stevens and John Brackley and theire executors and administrators twenty poundes to be imployed to the use of the Poore of Sulbury forev[er], Item I give to the Poore of Heath and reach fortie shillinges to be distributed amongst them within a fortnight after my decease, Item I give to my Cosen Constance Lawe tenn poundes, and the peece of woollen cloth that is att the fulling mill and alsoe my greate bible, Item I give to my Cosen Jane Lawe fortie shillinges to be paied to C[o]nstance and Jane within six monethes after my death Item I give to Agnis Clober; Marie Clober, and Francis Clober the children of Francis Clober tenn poundes apeece to be paied to them within six monethes after my death, Item I give to George Felce the sonne of William Felce tenn poundes to bee paied him within six monethes after my decease, Item I give to Margery Emerton my mayde five poundes to be paied her within six monethes after my decease, Item I give to Joseph Felce my prentice five markes to be paied him within three monethes after my death, Item I give to Humfrey Felce Forty shillinges to be paied him within three monethes after my decease Item I give to Abraham Hannell my god sonne the twoe yeares rent of the twentie pound that his Father oweth me Item whereas S[i]r John Saunders doth owe unto me the some of fiefty poundes I doe hereby give and dispospe the said some of Fieftie poundes unto Elizabeth Lawe the daughter of Constance Lawe, and doe hereby desire the said S[i]r John Saunders to pay the said some within twoe monethes nexte after my decease, Item I give to Humfery Felce the sonne of Humfery one black ewe sheepe within one weeke after my decease, Item I give to William Felce the sonne of William fortie shillinges to be paied him within three monethes after my death, And whereas there is in the handes of Henry Borne of Wingrave the some of Fieftie poundes owinge and due unto me, I doe hereby give to Marie Borne \the/ daughter of Barnard Borne late of London deceased the said Fieftie pondes, which I doe appointe to be paied unto her within three monethes after my decease, Whereas Henry Symons owed me fieftie poundes for which Mr. Edmond Bolsworth standeth bound and hath duly paied me fower poundes ayeare for the interest thereof nowe accordinge to my former promise to him I give to the said Edmond thertie poundes of the said debte, and the other twentie poundes my will is he shall pay unto the aforesaid Francis Seare, Frances Welles, William Bruer, and John Ashwell to the use of the Poore of Layghton as aforesaid, Item I give to Richard Meade the younger my godsonn my Costlett and pike and all the furniture thereunto belonginge to be deilv[er]ed unto him within one weeke after my death; Item I give to Amy my loving wife tenn poundes to buy her mourninge app[er]ell, Item I doe give to Frances Welles, Richard Meade, John Ashwell, George Felce, Edward Hannell, Humfry Felce to either of them a silver spoone ingraven with an appostle to carry one to church, All the rest of my goodes and chattelles unbequeathed, I give and bequeth to Amy my welbeloved wife and to Francis Clober whome I doe make my executors to p[er]forme this my last will and testament, and I doe intreate my cosen Richard Meade and Edward Hannell to be Overseers to see this will p[er]formed. In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the tenth day of December in the yeare of our lord god one thousand six hundred thirtie eight, Thomas Stevens, Sealed signed and published in the p[re]sence of us John Welles Jun[ior], Thomas Hurlston, William Leech, /

Memorandum that this twelveth of December, 1638, the said Thomas Stevens did publish and declare his will and meaninge to be that the foresaid John Ashwell should not have the spoone to him before devised nor be one to Carry him to Church but did give the same spoone to Richard Theed and desire he should carry him to church And alsoe that the said John Ashwell should not be trusted in the disposinge of the twentie pound given to the Poore of Laighton but that John Foster gent[leman] should be therein intrusted in the said John Ashwell steede and that this should be added as a Codecill, Witnes hereunto Edmond Boldsworth, William Vaughan ./

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