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Robert Corbett

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 23rd April 1509
Probate Date: 16th November 1513
Proved by Elizabeth Corbett, widow of the testator
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/17

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives

See also: Roger Corbett's will, Anne Corbet's will, Gladley Manor and Linslade Manor


In the name of god Amen Whereas I Sir Robert Corbett knyght have made a feoffament by dede unto Sir Henry Vernon knyght Thomas Englefede knyght Thomas Cornwaile knyght Thomas Laken Esquyer Roger Corbet my sonne and heire apparannt Esquyer Richard Vernon Esquyer Roger Thornes Esquyer and George Onneslowe of all and syngular my lordshypes maners meses Londes and tenementes Rentes rev[er]siones? and f...yces? and all other hereditamentes with thapp\ar/tinunces in Hapton Fyttes Econ Costantyne Lawley Waterupton Dalyngton Lynchelade Sothcote Howbrighill and Wyggyngton within the Countie of Salop Northampton Bukyingham Essex and Hertford to have and to hold to them their heires and assignes to the cost of me the forsaid s[i]r Rob[er]t and of myn heires to fulfill my Last will made or hereafter to be made / knowe [tha]t me the said S[i]r Rob[er]t hole of remembrannce and p[er]fite mynd thanked be god make ordeyn and declare my laste will and testament in maner and forme folowyng Fyrst I bequerth my soule to god Almyghti and to his blissed mother seynt Mary and to all the holy company of hevyn and my body to be buried in the Churche of seynte Barthilmewe at Morton Corbet yf it please god I decesse there / And yf it happen me by the pleasure of god to decease in any other place then I comyt my body yo be buried in suche a holy place as myn Executors think moste metelese and convenient / Also I will that my said Executors prepare and ordeyne for meate drynk light and all other thynges necessarie and belongyng for me at the tyme of my buriyng as thynk convenient and accordyng aftere there diserecion Item I will that my seid Executors see my diriges and masses be songen and said with seculer prestes Clerkes and Religious men at the same tyme as they shall thynke moste expedient and profitable for my soule helth Item I will that my seid Executors cause iij trentalles and xxx masses any of them to be songen and said with seculer prestes Clerkes and Religiouse men at the daye of my seid buriyng yf they so maye have prestes to do it And yf they maye not then to se it be done as shortly aftre as they Conveniently can have tyme Item I will have that my seid Executors in as shorte tyme as they can conveniently after my buriyng p[re]pare and ordeyn the greate Trentall of seynt Gregory to be songe seid and done in due forme and ordre as it ought to be for my soule and all [christ]en Item I will that ev\r/y seculer prest Clerk and Religious man be rewarded for their divine Service sayng and doyng at the tyme of my seid buriyng aftre the Lawdable custome therto belongyng and the discrecion of my Executors Item I will that my seid Executors provide and hire two honest and conveniable prestes suche as shalbe of good name and fame to syng and saye Dirige masses and praye for my soule and all [christ]en soules in maner and forme folowyng that is to saye ev\r/y mondaye duryng the seid ij yeris ev\r/y of them to sey masses of the Trinitie Dirige and comendacions ev\r/y tuysdaye masse of the holy gost and oure Lady Sawter ev\r/y wednesday masse of Requyem Dirige and comendacions / ev\r/y thursdaye masse of the v woundes vij psalmes and Latany evry Fridaye masse of Jh[es]u Dirige and comendacions ev\r/y Saterdaye masse of oure Lady and ower Lady Sawter. And ev\r/y of the seid prestes to have viij marcke for their hire or more after as they be hired / Item I bequerth to Roger my sonne and heire my best salt with the cov[er]yng my best pece of sylv[er] with the cov[er]yng my best goblet and half my spones. and all the Residue of my seid plate I bequerth to Elizabeth my wyff duryng her lyff and aftre her decesse to remayne to Roger my seid sonne Item I bequerth half half my stuff of householde and half my catall to Roger my seid sonne / and the other half to Elizabeth my wyff Item I will that my weryng gere and all other thynges not bequerthed stond at my pleasure tyll my dep[ar]tyng to gyve do w[i]t[h] and bequerth where I or my Executors shall thynk most best and convenient Item I will that my seid Feoffes or the ov[er]lyvers? of them and their heires shall stonde and be Seased of and in the seid lordshippes maners meses londes ten[emen]tes and all other hereditamentes above rehersed to thentent they shall suffre myn Executors to take receyve and levye thissues and proffites of all the seid lordshipes maners meases londes and tenementes and all other hereditamentes with thapp\a/tin[a]nces and ev[r]y p[ar]cell of them to paye my dettes and all other thynges p[er]teynyng to my enterement and soule helth in man[er] and forme aboveseid / and aftere that done I will that my seid Executors with the yerly proffites and Issues aforseid content paye and bestowe to and for the mariage of ev\r/y of my doughters that is to sey Anne Dorothe and Jane the some of C m[ar]kes and their arayment whiche somes afore my dettes paide shalbe receyved to the use and forme folowyng that is to sey that ev\r/y of my seid doughters shalhave yerly porcion of the seid Issues and proffites of the seid lordshipes man[er]s meses londes and tenementes with their app[er]tin[a]nces till hir seid some and bequest be fully content and paide / Also I will that my seid doughters and ev\r/y of them have sufficient fyndyng of meate drynk and cloth covement and meatly for them over and beside their porcion of C m[ar]kes a pece and their arrayment aboveseid for their mariage till they be maried and at suche tyme as any of them shalbe maried / she that so shalbe maried shalhave her porcion yf it be levied or at morche as is levyed and her arayment And no further fyndyng / And that some of her porcion that is not paid at the tyme of her mariage to be paide in man[er] and forme aboveseid / Item I will that my Executors content and paye to and for the mariage of Margaret my sister the some of xl markes and her arayment of the yerly Issues and proffites aboveseid and hir fyndyng of meate drynk and arrayment tyll she be maried uppon the same Issues and proffites beside hir seid bequest Item I will that my seid feoffes or the ov[er]lyvers of them aftre my detes paide and my will and testament in ev\r/y thyng accompleshed and fulfilled make ay estate of all the seid lordshipes maners meses londes and tenementes and all other hereditamentes with thapp\a/tin[a]nces aboveseid unto Roger Corbet my sonne and heire and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten and for lak of suche Issue the remayndre to my Right heires / Item I make and ordeyn Thomas Cornewaile knyght Thomas Esquyer Elizabeth my wyff George Bromley and George Onneslowe myn Executors / and Henry Vernon knyght and Richard Vernon his sonne and heire overseers / In witnesse whereof to this my p[rese]nt will and testament I have putto my Seale and signemannell? The xxiij daye of Aprill In the yere of oure lord god m? vc ix and of the Reigne of oure sov\r/aigne lord kyng Henry the vijth aftre the conquest of England the xxiiijti

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