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Roger Corbett

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 27th November 1538
Probate Date: 1st February 1538/9
Proved by Anne Corbett, widow of the testator
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/27

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives

See also: Robert Corbett's will, Anne Corbet's will, Gladley Manor and Linslade Manor


In dei nomine Amen The xxvijth day of Novembre In the yere of our lord god a Thousande fyve hundreth xxxviij I Roger Corbett sike of body and hole in mynde make my wille and testament in maner and forme folowing First I bequeth my soule to almighty god and my body to be buried in the next parishe Church where god shall doo his will by me except it be within tenne Mylys of the parishe Church where my dwelling is. Then I will my body there to be buried w[i]t[h]out any solem[?]nytie at my buriall to be had otherwise then vj masses to be saide at the tyme of my buriall and xxtiiiij masses to be saide for my soule and all [Christ]en soules in diverse and sondrye places by the distrecion of my executors whom I make sole Anne my wife and my Sup[er]visour I require mekely to be my lady my mother my Uncle John Vernon Esqiuer Thomas Newporte my brother in law Esquier and as for any other cerymonye to be doon or celebrate at my buriall I remytte that to the discrec[i]on of myn executrix to do as god shall put in hir mynde Item I bequeth to my sister Mary one hundreth markes towardes hir mariage Item I bequeth xiij poure men xiij black gownes. Item to xiij poure women xiij smocks to be assigned and appoynted by the discrecion of myn Sup[er]visours and executrix Item I bequeth thirty Rynges of golde to the value of fyve shillinges a Rynge whiche Rynge shalbe marked w[i]t[h] a R and a C and they to be devided to speciall and trusty frendes for a remembrannce by the discrecion of my Executrix and Sup[er]visours. Item I will that the housholde stuffe and plate lefte unto me by the will of my father do Remayn and contynue in the Castell of Morton Corbett to the use and behofe of him or hir whom god will shall inherite the possessions and landes of their forsaid fathers Item I require and humbly besoke my Sup[er]visours and my executrix tenderly lamenting the captyve bondage of wardeship to consulte together ponderyng the redyest wayes howe to Redime my heire owt of the thraldom and bondage of wardeship for whose mariage I was offeryd one thousand markes. Item yf my Sup[er]visours and executrix yf they Redeme the wardeship of my sonne and heire Then I will that owt of the money that they may have for his mariage and owt of the Revenues and profites of his londes be taken furthe thre hundreth markes to the mariage of my doughter Margaret and thre hundreth markes to the mariage of my doughter Elizabeth which I will to remayn in the custodye of my Executrix so that she be widowe: otherwise yf she be maried I will that the money for the mariages Remayn in the custodye of the Supervisours Item I will my serv[a]ntes every man and woman have his Twelmonthis wagis clerely orelles my gelding and horsses to be distributed amonge theym after the distrec[i]on of my Executrix also I will to Water Robert brethern every one a pece when they come come to full age vjli xiijs iiijd for terme of their lyfe to be taken owt of the Revenues and profites of my londes and till they be of full age to have a compotent and a sufficient fynding to their lernyng and lyving and when god so provides for eny of them that he or they may spende by his provision or other or other of his frendes to the yerely value of twenty poundes orelles if god do his will by any of them I will that the forsaid vjli xiijs iiijd be eqally devided bitwene his twoo brethern and so from brother to brother as god shall dispoase their lyves and after their decesses or having the yerely value before named Than I will that the hole sume revert ayen to the use and behove of my sonne & heire. Item I will to my brethern my apparell and Rayment Item I will to Anne my wife myn Executrix all my goodes moveable unbequethed that longith to my house in Lynsleyd for terme of hir lyfe And so after hir deceas to remayn and distende to my heire. Item I bequeth to the vicar of Morton and to the parishe clerk and to the pour people of the said parishe vjs viijd And likewise to the parishe of Chabery and to the parishe of Stawnton to be distributed and paid by my Lady my moder. Item I will that my evidences whiche be at Lynisleyd and at my Chamb[e]r in Stroude shalbe brought to the Castell of Morton Corbett. Item I will my Flagon Cheyne after the deceas of my wife to be distributed and devided equally bitwixte my thre yonger sonnes And if god doo his will upon any of them I will the same to be distributed bitwixte the other twoo Item I will that my owne Cheyne be eqally devided amonge my Sup[er]visours for their paynes to be taken in the setting forth and furderannce of this my last wille and testament. In witnesse wherof I have put therto my Seall. The day & yere abovesaid.

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