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Anne Corbet

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 22nd September 1550
Probate Date: 8th November 1551
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/34

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives

See also: Robert Corbett's will, Roger Corbet's will, Gladley Manor and Linslade Manor


In the name of god the father the sone and the holye goste thre p[er]sones and one god / I Anne Corbet of Lynchelade in the Countie of Buckingham wydowe being diseased and sicke in bodye but hole of mynde and of parfyct memory make my last will and testament in maner and forme folowing First I bequeathe my soule unto Almightie god having a sure trust and confydence in his grate and infinitie mercie nothing presumyng upon myne owne workes and dedes (whiche I knowe to be muche insufficient for my salvacion) but upon the meretes of the deathe and passion of his onlye and derely beloved sonne Jesus Christe and upon his victorious Resurrection & most glorious Ascencion firmelye beleving that thorough thus his merites and faithe in his bloud I shall lyve amongest that holy companye and blessed felowshipe in heaven in glorie and Joye whiche never shall have ende / and have w[i]thin the fruition of his godhead &c. Secondarilye I bequeathe my bodye to be buried and enterred at linchelade and there suche exeqines to be done for me (after the discrecion of myne Executors) as shall stande with the laudable use and custome of the churche of Englande / Thurdeley whereas my late husbande Roger Corbet dyd give by his last will and testament (as apperith more at large by the same) Three hundreth markes towardes the mariage of his doughter Elizabeth to be levyed and paide of the money to be receyved and taken for the mariage of his sonne and heyre together with the Revenues of his landes growing in the tyme of his noue? age yf I his Executrix together w[ith] the supervisours might bye and redeme hym but for somuche as it came not so to passe nor to suche effecte as his said will and my desyor? was to the same? I will and give unto my saide doughter Elizabeth thaforesaid some of three hundreth m[ar]kes to be levyed & paide of my goodes moveable and unmoveable not bequeathed within the towne and Lordeship of lynchelade aforesaide the whiche all my goods bothe moveable & unmoveable I will to be preysed and valued immediatelye after my departure by honest & indifferent men to be appointed and chosen by myne Executores / And of the residue remayning over & above theaforesaid three hundreth markes I will and give unto my sonne Hierom Corbet towardes his fynding at lernynge Sixe poundes yerely by the space of vij? yeres And other thre poundes of the same lykewise remayning I will and give yerely to be payd by thandes of myne Executors toward the fynding of my doughter Elizabeth untill suche tyme as she shalbe maried / but yf it shall fortune my doughter Elizabeth to be bestowed in mariage by my life tyme or channse her to dye before that tyme of my dep[ar]ture oute of this present lyfe than I will that said some of three hundreth m[ar]kes which she shulde have? had towardes her mariage to be evenlye divided amonge my three sonnes Walter Robert and Hierom / and in case one or two of thies three departe oute of this present lyfe before the distribucion of the aforesaid somes / that then his or their partes or porcions shalbe given to thother surviving and yf they all threa departe as is aforesaide (whiche god forbyd) Than I will one hundreth pounds of the said iijC markes to be evenlye divided amonge my two doughters Margaret and Elizabeth / And yf thone of them departe before the distribution aforesaide thother survyvinge than I will the hole to remayne to the survivor /And thother hundreth pounds remayning I give and bequeathe unto my sonne Sir Andrew Corbet his three yongest sonnes Richarde Raynolde and Franncis to be lyk wyse evenlye devided amonge them / And yf any of them channse to dye before the distribution therof than I will theother survyvinge to have the parte or partis of hym or them so disceased / Item I will and bequeathe unto the said Elizabeth Nyne poundes in Angelles after p...? the pece to make her achayve w[i]t[h] all my tablet of golde / Also I will and bequeathe unto my welbeloved sonne Palmes? alitle rounde rynge of golde and to my doughter his wif one Ringe w[i]t[h] a diamond / Item I will unto my sonne Walter Corbet my flagen chayne of golde to the value of xxli the whiche ys in his owne handes and kepinge / Item I will unto Robert Corbet and to Hierom his brother one other Chayne of golde to the valoe of xxiijli to be equally devyded amonge them by myne Executors / Also I will unto Robert Corbet my crosse of golde / and unto Hierom Corbet I bequeathe my brooche of golde / Item I will to Raynolde Corbet my sonne Sir Andrew Corbet his sonne one hope of golde / Item I will & bequeathe Dorothie my mayden all myne Apparrell and her hole yeres wages whiche is xls for hir paynes takin with me in the tyme of my sicknes / Item I will and bequeathe unto evry one of my mayden s[erv]untes their hole yeres wagies / Item I will and bequeathe unto John Rogers my s[erv]unte the bedd he nowe lyeth in with all that belongeth unto yt and his hole yeres wage / Item I will and bequeathe unto George Inet? xxs a quarter of wheat and two quarters of barley / Item I will and bequeathe to S[i]r Jefferye my prest xls / Item I will and bequeathe unto John Williams xxs in money according unto the discrec[i]on of my Executors Also I will that yf my sonne S[i]r Andrewe Corbet knight wilbe bounde to my Executors and Overseers in the some of Sixe hundreth poundes for the p[er]formenin of this p[resa]nte will and testament in all thinges as is above wrytten / Than I will hym to have all my goodes Cattalles to remayne or els the same to be solde to the best valoe by myne Executors / And the money therof comynge to be payde as is afore rehersed / And I ordeyne and make my welbeloved brother Edmunde Wyndesore esquyre and John Somer clerke p[ar]sone of Stoke Hamonde myne Executors of this my present testament and last will / defiring them to paye my debtes and to p[er]forme this my present will in all thinges as is above wryten / And fortheur paynes takynge in the true fulfilling therof I will and give to ev[r]y one of them fyve poundes / And further I constitute and make my welbeloved nephewe Sir Thomas Wyndesore knight overseer of this same my will and testament besechinge hym to se the same in all poyntes p[er]fourmed unto whome I give for his paynes to be taken aboute the same a stone cuppe with a cover of sylver and gilte and a lytle trencher salte w[i]t[h] a cover of silver and gylt In wytnes wherof I the saide Anne unto this my present last wyll and testament have setto my hande the xxteij daye of September in the fourthe yere of the Reigne of our soveraigne Lord Edward the Sixt by the grace of god kinge of Englande Frannce and Irelande defendor of the faythe and of the churche of England and also of Irelande in earthe the supreme h...? / in the presence of Jeffery David Dorothie Woodne..? John Hartwell Richard Markh[a]m and other / Anne Corbet /

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