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Leighton Buzzard Roll of Honour

Shortly after the end of World War One, the Leighton Buzzard Observer published a list of men from Leighton Buzzard who had served during the conflict in either the army or the navy. The lists were published in consecutive editions of the paper from 18th March 1919 to 5th August 1919. The details have been transcribed below (question marks indicate details which were unclear).

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BAGGOTT, sons of Mr. W.C. Baggott, 9, Bridge Street :-
      Ernest Alfred; 1915, Aug., Royal Flying Corps, 2nd Air Mechanic; Oct, to France; demobilised.
      Leonard James, High Barnet, clerk in Post Office; 1914, Aug., Sapper, Royal Engineers [Anzacs]; 1915, March to Gallipoli; July wounded; Dec., to Egypt; 1916, June to France.
      George William Crook, Durham, schoolmaster; 1914, Sept., Private, Royal Army Medical Corps; 1915, July, to Gallipoli; Oct., to Salonika; demobilised.

BAINES, J. 14, Regent Street [6 months in Beds Territorials]; Private 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; 1916, Jan., to Egypt.

BAINES, William T. 26, East Street; Navy.

BAINES, W. 50, Baker Street

BAKER, Stanley Wallace, Cirencester, son of Mr. H. Baker, 4, Market Square; 1915, Feb, Private, 52nd Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps; 1916, June, died in hospital at Bedford.

BAKER, sons of the late Mr. J. Baker, North Street :-
      Fred; Private, Royal Garrison Artillery; Corporal; to France; O.T.C.; 1919 demobilised.
      George, "Roslyn", Church Street, butcher; 1918, Feb., Sapper, Royal Engineers; Home Service only; 1919, Jan., demobilised.
      Ernest, 1916, Oct., Private, 4th Royal Sussex Regt., Corporal; transferred to Army Service Corps; 1918, April, wounded at Dickelusch.

BAKER, James, M.M., Sandy Lane, Heath road, gardener; 1915, Nov., Private, Royal Army Medical Corps.; 1916, Aug., to France; 1917, May, wounded; Military Medal: killed in action.

BAKER, Ernest, late "Marjuda", Vandyke Road, clerk; 1916 Oct., Private, 5th Bn. East Surrey Regt..

BAKER, Fred, 3, Union Street; 5th Bn. Beds Regt.

BAKER, Frederick Arthur, 9, Grand Parade, St. Leonards, late Leighton Buzzard; 1917, April, Bombadier, Royal Garrison, Artillery

BAMBRIDGE, A.E. 14, Grove Road; Army Service Corps

BANBROOK, W., Ashwell Street, motor spring maker, [9 years in Beds Territorials, Sergeant], 1915, Feb., Beds Machine Gun Corps.; Company Sergt.-Major; Instructor.

BARBER, son of Mr. Barber late of Grove Road; Royal Flying Corps.

BARDELL, William, 11, North Street, fishmonger; 1916, March, Dispatch Rider, Royal Engineers; 1917, April, to 3rd Lahore Division Signal Co.; 1917, April, to Mesopotamia; 1918, April, to Egypt.

BARDRICK, Joseph, Summer Street

BARNHAM, C.W., Royal Engineers; Company Sergt. Major.

BARHAM R. A., 14 Hockliffe Street

BARNETT, son of Mr. Edward Barnett, 22 Dudley Street; John Glynn, ironmonger; 1915,July, Sapper, Royal Engineers; demobilised.

BARROW, Frederick, Vandyke Road, carpenter; 1914, Nov., Private, 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; 1915, Aug., to Gallipoli; 1916, Feb., to Egypt.


BARWELL, H., Private, Warwick Regt.; wounded.

BASSON, W.S., Quarter Master-Sergt., Lincoln Regt.

BATCHELOR, Walter R., Grove Road.

BATEMAN, George, Regent Street, draper; 1914, Aug., Private, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; Machine Gunner; 1915, May, to France; June, wounded; Oct., re-joined; 1915, Aug., to France; Sept., wounded.

BASSETT, sons of the late Mr. Frederick Bassett, The Heath ;-
      Francis Marchall; Major in command of Depot, Bedfordshire Regiment, Bedford [Beds Regt., South African War, 1899; 1902 mentioned in dispatches, Sept.,1901 [Lord Roberts]; Adjutant, 1902 to 1913; Captain, 1908); 1914, Aug., Captain, 2nd Bn. Beds Regt.; 1915, Sept., Major; 1914, Oct., to Zeebrugge in 7th Division; Oct., 18, severely wounded at first battle of Ypres; 1917, Jan., passed for light duty; 1918, Dec., Command of Depot, Bedfordshire Regt., at Bedford.
      Frederick Ma--? Ivor; 2nd Lieut., Leland, Cornwall, M.A. Oxford; 1915, Nov., Corporal [acting Sergeant], Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry; 1917 Jan., 2nd Lieut., Army Service Corps.; Home Service only, medically unfit for Overseas; 1917, Aug. 1, invalided out of Service.
      John Retallack, D.S.O.; Major-Temp. Lt. Colonel [16 years in Royal Berkshire Regt., South Africa, Egypt, etc.]; 1914, Aug. 4th, in Soudan, Governor of 1st Class Province; 4th Class Osmaniah Medal; 1916, Oct., Intelligence Department, G.H.Q., Egypt; 3rd Class Order of the Nile; Nov., in command of 2nd Bn. Imperial Camel Corps, in Sinai; 1917, March, D.A., Q.M.G., Hedjaz; 1918, Jan., A.A. and Q.M.G.., Hedjaz; Companion of the DistinguishedService Order; Legion of Honour Croix de Chevalier.
      Lucian Tindall, Orange River Colony, farmer; 1914, South African Horse; German West Africa and East African Campaigns; 1919 demobilised.

BATES, sons of Mr. H. Bates, 5 Union Street :-
      Arthur Henry, apprentice fitter at Leighton Buzzard Gas Company; 1914, Private, Beds Regt.; 1916, to France; wounded; 1918, discharged because of wounds.
      William John, cleaner on L. and N.W. Railway; 1915, Nov., Private, Scots Guards.

BATES, Alexander, Dunstable, late 7, South Street; Private, 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; to Gallipoli; invalided out of Service.

BATTAMS, Horace John, Ellesmere Terrace, Vandyke Road [5 years in ]; 1914, Aug., Driver, Royal Field Artillery; 1914, Aug., to France.

BATTAMS, Thomas, 24, Vandyke Road.

BATTAMS, G. 5 Friday Street.

BAUMBROUGH, William Herbert, 2nd Lieut., M.M. Vernon, British Columbia, son of Mr. W.H. Baumbrough, Market Square, railway surveyor; 1914, Dec., Sapper, 22nd City of London Royal Engineers [T]; 1915, June, Corporal; 1916, Dec., Sergeant; 1918, Jan., Quarter Master-Sergeant; Nov., 2nd Lieutentant; 1919, Feb, in command Engineers' Department, Skegness; 1916, Feb., to France;1917, Oct., Military Medal for devotion to duty, bridge building at Battle of Cambria.

BEAUMONT, sons of Mr. & Mrs. Beaumont, 177, Heath Road :-
      Robert James, Kempston, Bedford [11 years in Beds Territorials]; 1914, Aug., Sergeant, 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; to Egypt; to Gallipoli; Discharged, time expired; 1916, re-joined; Dec., to France; 1917, June 24, killed in action.
      William Francis, 177, Heath Road; 1915, Nov., Private, 3/5th Beds; demobilised.
      Charles, 177, Heath Road; Dublin Fusiliers; transferred to Army Service Corps; ditto to Durham County Light Infantry; to France.

BELL, Russell Charles, 45 , George Street, journalist; 1916, March, Private, 25th [Cyclist] Bn. London Regt.; June, to Headquarters Staff, London; 1918, April, Lance-Corporal; 1919, Feb., demobilised; Home Service only, medically unfit for overseas.

BENNING, D. 4, Heath Road; Private, 6th Bn. Beds Regt.

BIERTON, Harry, 7 Ellesmere Terrace, Vandyke Road; Private, 4th Bn. Beds Regt.

BIERTON, Joseph 9, George Street, 1916, June; Private, Middlesex Regt.; Lance-Corporal; 1917, killed in action.

BILEY, Fred, Heath Road; 1917, June.

BILEY, W.H. 65, Heath Road, bricklayer.

BIRCH, Charles Walter, 33, Dudley Street, engineer; Wellington Rifles; 1916, Bandsman, Canadians.

BIRCHELL, J. Private, Beds Regt.

BIRCHELL, J.A. Private, Beds Regt.

BIRD, Henry George, 29, Church Street, carter.

BIRDSEY, William Thomas, 50, Vandyke Road, grocer's assistant; 1914, Sept., Private, 7th Bn. Beds Regt.; Corporal; Sergeant; 1916 to France; July, wounded 3 times.

BIRDSEY, Joseph; 1918, May, Private, Middlesex Regt.

BIRDSEY, John Charles, 8, Station Road, Linslade, late 7 Queen Street, butcher; 1914, Dec., Private, Beds Regt.; transferred to Lincoln Regt.; Lance-Corporal; 1915, To France.

BIRDSEY, Arthur Edward; Army Service Corps; Sergeant.


BLAKE, Albert, Dudley Street, engineer; 1915, July, Private, Canadian Pioneers; Sergeant; 1916, Feb., to France

BLAKE, Horace, "Homeside", Dudley Street, motor trimmer; 1914, Sept., Private, City of London Fusiliers; transferred to Queen's Westminsters; Sergeant; Sergeant Instructor; 1914, Dec., to Malta; 1915, Sept., to Gallipoli; 1916, Feb., to France; July, wounded; to Nigeria as Sergt.Instructor; 1919, demobilised.

BLAKE, F. Beds Yeomanry.

BLANCHARD, William, 20 Grove Road, painter; Corporal, Training Reserve; 1917, July, invalided out of Service.

BLAND, Horace Edward, 8, Dudley Street, motor mechanic; 1916, Feb., 2nd Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps; 1916, June, to France.

BLINCO, E. 10, Plantation Road; Sapper, East Anglian Field Company, Royal Engineers.

BLUNDELL, Harold Wilfred, 25, Vandyke Road, carpenter; 1914, Nov., Private, 3/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; prisoner, wounded.

BLUMRIDGE, William, 35, Billington Road.

BOLTON, Albert, 31, Friday Street; Private, 2nd Worcester Regt.; Sept. 14th, died of wounds.

BONAN, C. Private, Leicester Regt.

BOON, John Charles, Aspley Guise, Leighton Buzzard Gas Company; 1915, Private, London Rifle Brigade; 1916, Sept., to France; Nov. 14th, killed in action.

BOTSFORD, sons of Mr. Botsford, 24, Union Street :-
      Harry; Private, 2/5 Bn. Beds Regt.; to France.
      Frank [ -- years in Bucks Yeomanry]; 1914, Aug., Trooper, Bucks Yeomanry; to Egypt; wounded.

BOTSFORD, Arthur A., 25, Clarence Road, wood machinist; Yorks. Regt.; wounded.

BOUGHTON, Frank, Lake Street

BOYCE, sons of Mr. Boyce, 33, Friday Street :-
      John, farm labourer; 1915, May, Private, 3/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; 1915, to Egypt.
      Fred: D.C.M. [6 years in Beds Regt., India, etc.]; 1914, Aug., Lance-Corporal,2nd Beds; to France; 1916, Aug. 1st, wounded; Distinguished Conduct Medal; Aug. 11th, died of wounds.
      W.T., cowman; 1914, Aug., Private, 6th Beds Regt; to France.

BRADLEY, Reg.; Navy "H.M.S. Tarter".

BRAND, --, 2, Hartwell Grove.

BRANDOM, sons of Mr. Brandom, 90, Vandyke Road :-
      George [7 years in Beds Regt.]; 1914, Aug., Private, 2nd Bn. Beds Regt.; 1914, to France.
      William [7 years in Beds Regt. South Africa, etc.]; 1914, Aug., Corporal, 2nd Bn. Beds Regt.; Sergeant; to France; 1915, Sept., killed at Loos.
      Levi, blacksmith's striker [5 years in -- ]; 1914, Aug., Private, 1st Beds Regt.; 1914 Aug., to France; 1915, July, wounded.

BRANDOM, William, 28, Regent Street, sand carter; 1914, Nov., Private, 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt., 1916, Jan., to Gallipoli; Home and dysentery; invalided out.

BRANDOM, E. 28, Regent Street; 1917, March, Trooper, Herts Yeomanry.

BRANDOM, T.H. West Kensington, son of Mr. Brandom, 5, Barrow Path; 1916, April, Driver, Royal Field Artillery.

BRANDOM, Samuel, 5, Barrow Path, gardener; 1916, Nov., Private 3rd Bn. Beds Regt.

BRANDOM, A.W. Private, Beds Regt.

BRANDOM, Joseph, Vandyke House; Private, Royal Sussex Regt; 1918, Feb., invalided out of Service.

BRANDOM, George,Vandyke; Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery; 1918, Feb., invalided out of Army.

BRANDOM, H. Vandyke Road; Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery; 1918, March, invalided out of Army.

BRANDOM, Roy, 34, Hockliffe Road

BRANDOM, Joe, 4, Baker Street

BRANSOM, Harry, late Plantation Road, miller; Private, Canadian Contingent; died.

BRANSOM, Cyril T. 29, Grove Road, Luton, late Leighton Buzzard; 1915, Jan., Sapper, Signal Company Royal Engineers; to Gallipoli; to Egypt.

BRANTOM, sons of Mrs. Brantom, Heath Park Cottages :-
      Arthur, butcher; 1917, Feb., Beds Regt; transferred to Linclon Regt.; 1918, April 28th, killed in action.
      Edwin, gardener; 1914, Aug., Private 6th Bn. Beds Regt.; 1915, July, to France; 1915, July, wounded.
      Fred, [7 years Bandsman in West York Regt., Prince of Wales Own]; 1914, Aug., Bandsman 2nd West York. Regt.; 1914, Oct., to France.

BRANTOM, William Harper, 2nd Lieut., D.C.M., "Ivydene", Linslade, only son of Mr. W. Brantom, late Heath Park Road; Civil Service; 1914, Sept, Private, Civil Service Rifles; 1915, May, D.C.M. for gallantry at Battle of Festubert; 2nd Lieutenant; 1915, March to France; May, wounded at Battle of Festubert; 1916, Jan., returned to France; July 4th, killed in action.

BRAZIER, Frederick, 3, Friday Street [11 years in Navy]; 1914, Aug., Leading Seaman in ------; 1918, wounded.

BRAZIER, J.H.; Sergeant, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry; Sergeant; 1916, wounded.

BREDIN, ----- , Vandyke Road; to France.

BRENTON, Albert E., Cedars Cottages, Bridge Street, motor car washer.

BRISTOW, W.; trooper, Herts Yeomanry.

BROADBENT, N.; driver, Royal Field Artillery.

BROOKS, William, Ontario; Private; 122nd Bn. Canadian Contingent.

BROOM, sons of the late Mr. W. Broom, Heath Road :-
      Arthur, Carnation Villa, March, Cambs., carnation grower; 1916, Aug., Driver, Royal Horse Artillery; to Egypt; 1917, to Egypt.
      William Edward, "Fernside", Heath Rd., hosiery salesman; 1916, Nov., Private, Army Service Corps Remounts; transferred to 8th Bn. Somerset Regt.; to France.

BROTHERTON, Charles Fletcher, 13, High Street, clerk, Leighton Buzzard Gas Company; 1914, Dec., Sapper, Signal Company East Anglian Royal Engineers; 1915, Aug., to Gallipoli; 1916 Jan. to Egypt.

BROUGHTON A.J. ; Royal Field Artillery

BROWN, sons of Mrs. Brown, 2 North Street ;-
      William G. architect; 1915, Feb., Sapper, Royal Engineers; 1915, Sept., to France; Dec., to Salonica; served in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Roumania; 1919, March, demobilised.
      Thomas Kenworthy, ironmonger's assistant; 1915, Aug., Royal Flying Corps; Corporal; Flight Sergeant; 1915, Nov., to France.

BROWN, James Frederick Hanwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Queen Street; 1915, Feb., Driver, Army Service Corps, Motor Transport; 1915, May, to France; 1917, July 6th, died from effects of accident.

BROWN, Bert Frank, Rose Villa, Barrow Path [6 months in Beds Territorials]; 1914, Aug., Private, 2/5th Bn. Beds Regt.; transferred to Royal Sussex Regt.; 1916, Aug., to France; killed in action.

BROWN Alfred, Barrow Path; Royal Fusiliers

BROWN J.J. Mill Road

BROWN Arthur, late of Leighton Buzzard; 11th Middlesex Regt.; Sergeant; 1916, April, Mentioned in Dispatches.

BROWN B.; Sussex Regt.; Missing.


BROWN W.G. 12 Hockliffe Street.

BUCKINHAM Fred, 60, Vandyke Road, storekeeper, L. and N.W. Railway; 1915, March, Sapper, Royal Engineers; 1915 Aug., to France; wounded.

BUNN William, Mill Road; Beds Regt.

BUNNING ----, 10 Lammas Walk.

BUNYAN George, M.M. and Bar, 26, Mill Road, bricklayer's labourer; Private, Beds Regt.; 1916, Nov., Military Medal; 1918, June, Bar to Military Medal.

BUNYAN William C. 26 Mill Road; Private, 1/5th Bn. Beds Regt; Lance-Corporal.

BURCHELL C. 10 Billington Road.

BURGESS C.F.; Trooper, 1st King Edward's Horse.

BURNELL Reginald, 61, Hockliffe Road, Messrs. Jackson and Co.; Private; Beds Regt.; 1915 to France; 1916, wounded.

BURR, H. 27 Vandyke Road, Royal Garrison Artillery.

BURRIN, sons of Mr. W.B. Burrin, 41 Lake Street :-
      William Percy, Tunbridge Wells, bank clerk; 1915, Nov., Private, 2nd 5th Bn. Buffs; 1918, transferred to West Kent Regt.; 1918. March, to France; 1919 demobilised.
      Fred, Canadian land settler; 1917, Canadian Forestry Corps; Technical Sergeant; 1917, June, to France; 1919 Feb., returned to Canada to be demobilised.

BURROUGHS, sons of Mrs. Burroughs, Albion Hotel :-
      Edmund, Clerk.
      Martin, hotel manager; R.A.F.

BUSHBY William, son of the late Mr. Thomas Bushby, Heath Road; 1916, Jan., Sapper, 2/2nd Field Company, East Anglian Royal Engineers.

BUTCHER, sons of Mr. Geo. Butcher, Lake Street :-
      J.G., Tunbridge Wells, house furnisher; 1915, March, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery; 1917, July, to France; Sept., killed by a shell.
      R.P., 41, Billington Road; P.O. Acting Overseer; 1917, May, Sapper, Royal Engineers; Aug., to East Africa; Dec. 31st, died.

BUTCHER, sons of Mr. Chas. Butcher, 3, Friday Street :-
      Harold, hairdresser's apprentice; 1916, to France; to Palestine; 1918, gassed.
      John, Faith Press; Private, Royal Army Medical Corps; 1915, to France.

BUTCHER, G. 35, Heath Road, wireworker; 1914, Aug., Private 5th Bn. Beds Regt,; transferred to Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry; to France; prisoner; demobilised.

BUTCHER Frank George, 96, Bassett Road; 1917, Oct., Private.

BUTLER William, South Street, ironmonger's assistant; 1917, March, Private, Sussex Yeomanry [Cyclists].

BUTLER W. Royal Engineers; Company Quarter-Master Sergeant.

BUTLER Charles, 68, Plantation Road, sandpit worker.