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Leighton Buzzard Roll of Honour

Shortly after the end of World War One, the Leighton Buzzard Observer published a list of men from Leighton Buzzard who had served during the conflict in either the army or the navy. The lists were published in consecutive editions of the paper from 18th March 1919 to 5th August 1919. The details have been transcribed below (question marks indicate details which were unclear).

Click on the letters in the 'A' to 'Y' index below, to navigate to the section for surnames starting with that letter.


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WAGSTAFF William Wynter, Capt., Church Square ; 1914, August, 2nd Lieut., Beds Regt.; Captain; To France; Prisoner; Returned to England.

WALKER William, 5, South Street, gardener ; Sergt., 1/5th Batt. Beds Regt.; drill instructor; 1918, Demobilized.

WALKER, sons of above :-
      Frederick, [in Reserves]; 1914, Sept., Private, 2nd Batt. Beds Regt., 1914, To France; 1915, May, Wounded, June Rejoined; 1916, November, Wounded.
      Harold ; 1915, Oct., Pte., Northumberland Fusiliers; 1916, July, Wounded.

WALKER James, 68, Vandyke Road[ -? Years in Beds Regt.] 1915, Nov., Pte., Beds Reserve Batt.; 1916, June, Transferred to Royal Defence Corps; 1919, Feb. Demobilized.

WALKER William, 12, Heath Road ; 1917, Nov., Royal Flying Corps; 1918, To Army of Occupation.

WALKER Donald, 12, Heath Road ; 1917, June, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps; October, Invalided out of Army.

WALKER Frederick, 36, Bassett Road ; Pte., 3rd Batt. Beds Regiment.

WALKER William, 12, Heath Road.

WALKER H.J. ; Pte., 3rd Batt. Beds Regt.

WARD Arthur, 30, Bedford Street.

WARD, sons of late Mr. Ward, ?, Ashwell Street :-
      George, [2 years in Beds Territorials]; 1914, August, Pte., 1/5th Batt. Beds Regt.; 1916, January, To Egypt; 1919, April, Demobilized.
      Francis ; Sapper, Royal Engineers.
      Joseph Walter ; 1917, August, Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps; 1918, April, To France; 1919, January, Invalided to England.
      Leonard Arthur ; 1918, Royal Air Force; June, To France.

WARE Benjamin, Bletchley, late 59, Vandyke Road, plumber; 1915, November, Private, Oxon. and Bucks. Light Infantry; 1916, Killed in action.

WASHINGTON James, 71, Hockliffe Road, carman; 1915, Pte., Royal Army Service Corps; Sergt.; To France; To Salonica; To France; Wounded.

WATERHOUSE J. ; Private, Notts and Derby Regt.

WATERTON F. ; Gunner.

WATSON Joseph, 11, Summer Street.

WATTS George, 66, Church Street.

WEATHERLEY C. ; Lance-Cpl., South Wales Borders.

WEATHERLEY Bertie, Rosedale, Hartwell Grove.

WEBSTER, sons of the late Robert Webster :-
      Robert, Gormiston, S. Africa [two years in Bucks Yeomanry, S.Africa etc., Queen's Medal with four bars]; 1915, S. Africa and German E. Africa.                         
      Wallace Cairns, Queensland; 1914, 2nd Australian Light Horse; Egypt; Gallipoli; Palestine
WEAVER F.T. 27, Hockliffe Street.

WEBSTER Frederick James, 22, East Street ; 1916, March, Pte., 2/5th Batt. Suffolk Regt.

WEBSTER George, 5, Chapel Path ; Private, 3rd Batt. Beds Regt.

WELLS Alfred, 13, Plantation Road ; 1915, August, Driver, East Anglian Royal Engineers.

WELLS Sidney James, 13, Plantation Road ; Private, 3rd Batt. Devon Regt.

WERNHAM James, 12, Regent Street, stonemason; 1914, August, Pte., Beds Regt.; 1915, December, Transferred to 2nd Batt. Border Regiment; 1916, August, Lance-Cpl.; 1915, March, To France; Wounded, Neuve Chapelle; Dec., Rejoined; 1916 September 24th, Killed in action near Armentiers.

WEST Frederick John, 1, Stanbridge Road [16 years in Beds Regt., S. Africa etc.]; 1914, October, Pte., Royal Defence Corps; 1916, Nov.; To France; 1917, Missing.

WEST C. ; Pte. Beds Regt.; 1916, August; Wounded.

WESTMANCOAT Alfred, 30 Ashwell Street, Royal Army Medical Corps.

WETHERALL W. ; Compy. Q.M. Sergt.; Lincoln Regt.

WHITBREAD Leonard George, 30, St. Andrew's Street, tinsmith; 1914, Sept., Pte, 8th Res. Bn. Beds Regt.; 1915, Aug., To France; Dec., 28th, Killed in action near Poporinghe.

WHITE George ; Pte., 4th Batt. Beds Regt.

WHITE Frank, Beaudesert, trooper, Bucks Yeomanry.

WHITMAN William Henry, 15, Billington Road, painter; 1916, October, Signaller, 2nd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery; 1917, March, to France; 1919, Demobilized.

WHITWORTH John Gilson, Hope Point, British Columbia [on staff of Council School, 1906-10], schoolmaster; 1916, June, Private, 196th Batt. Canadian Expeditionary Force.

WHITNEY, sons of Mr. Whitney, 102, Bassett Road :-
      H. ; Private, Royal Army Medical Corps.
      J. ; Private, Beds Regiment, Transferred to Royal Defence Corps; 1918, Feb., Invalided out of Army.
      A. ; Private, 5th Batt. Beds Regiment.

WHITNEY Thomas John, 25, Queen Street, carpenter; 1916, June, Private, Queen's West Surrey Regiment; Transferred to Royal Fusiliers, 1919, Demobilized.

WHITNEY Horace Wheldon, 23, Queen St., trimmer; June, 1915, Spr., 4/1 E. Anglian Royal Engineers [Bedford]; September, 1916, To France; December, 1917, Liverpool Hospital operation]; June, 1918, To Tilshead; March, 1919, Demobilized.

WHITNEY William, 48, St. Andrew's Street, ; Private, Royal Army Medical Corps.

WHYBROW William Samuel, 36, East Street, grocer's porter; 1914, Sept., Private, 4th Batt. Beds Regiment, Lance-Corpl.; 1915, March, To France; September, Wounded at Loos; 1916, July, Rejoined; To France; 1919, Died in Hospital.

WHYBROW G. 36, East Street ; Private, 4th Batt. Beds. Regiment.

WIDDISON Alfred ; Private, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

WILDMAN A. 11, Hockliffe Street, Royal Air Force; To France.

WILKINSON W. Silverdale, Hockliffe St. ; Private, Royal West Surrey Regiment; 1917, March, Invalided out of Service.

WILLIAMSON Leonard, 91, Church Street ; Private 4th Batt. Beds Regiment; 1915, To France; Wounded; Rejoined; 1916, October, Wounded; December, Wounded; 1917, August, Discharged [lost left leg].

WILLIS V,V, The Grange, Heath, solicitor at Leighton Buzzard [5 years in Beds Yeomanry]; 1914, August, trooper, 2nd King Edward's Horse; Transferred to Tank Corps; 1918, Jan., 2nd Lieut., 1915, May, To France; 1918, Sept., Wounded at Ballecourt; 1919, May, Demobilized.

WILLIS, sons of Mr. Willis, "Mackay", Vandyke Road :-
      William Charles, builder; 1916, December, Despatch Rider, Royal Engineers; 1919, Demobilized.
      Raymond, carpenter; 1915, September, Royal Flying Corps; 1st Air Mechanic; To France; 1919, Demobilized.

WILLIS Ralph, 32, Ashwell Street ; 1915, Sapper, East Anglian Royal Engineers; Transferred to Welsh Royal Engineers; To Egypt, and Palestine.

WILLIS Henry, 35, Stanbridge Road ; Private, 3/5th Batt. Beds Regiment.

WILSON Charles, 10, Water Lane, groom, [in Gordon Highlanders], Private, Royal Defence Corps; 1918, May, Discharged.

WILSON William, Water Lane ; Private, 1918, September, Discharged.

WILSON Edward James, 9, Regent Street ; Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery; 1918, October, Discharged.

WINMILL Charles Cyril, Canada, son of Mr. T. Winmill, 68, Church Street [3 years in Beds Territorials]; 1914, August, Private, 2nd Batt. 2nd Canadian Contingent; 1917, 2nd Lieut.; 1915, Jan., To France; Wounded three times.

WISE, sons of Mr. and Mrs. J. Wise, 16, Friday Street :-
      J. [9 years in Beds Regiment, S.Africa, etc.]; 1914, August, Private, Beds Regiment; To France, Wounded.
      C. ; Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery.

WOODHALL Harold, 4, Clarence Road, gardener ; Private, Beds Regiment; 1916, July, 14th, Killed in action.

WOODHOUSE Herbert, 106, Vandyke Road, gardener; 6th C.O.L.R. Rifles.

WOODHOUSE Robert Thomas, 106, Vandyke Road.

WOODMAN, sons of Mr. V. Woodman, Lake Street :-
      Ernest ; Lieut., Vancouver, British Columbia; 1914, Sept., Pte., Canadian Contingent; Lance-Corpl.; Corpl.; Sergt.; 1918, 2nd Lieut.; Lieut.; 1915, November, To France; 1916, March, Gassed; Sept., Wounded at the Somme; 1919, July, Demobilized and returned to Canada.
      Bertram Sidney, 34, Lake Street; 1914, Nov., Private, 2/3rd Batt. Beds Regt.; 1917, Feb., To France; 1918, March, Wounded and Prisoner; December, Repatriated; 1919, March, Demobilized.

WOODMAN Cyril William, 11, South Street ; Sapper, Royal Engineers; 1919, Demobilized.

WOODMAN Harry, "Salmstone", Albany Road ; 1915, June, 1st Air Mechanic, Royal Air Force; Sergt.

WOOLFORD Albert, 7, Hartwell Grove ; Pte., 16th City of London Regt. [Queen's Westminster].

WOOLHEAD Harry, 3, Mill Road ; Private, 5th Batt. Beds Regiment; Prisoner.

WOOLHEAD Ernest F. 36, mill Road ; 1915, April, Private, 8th Batt. Beds Regiment; 1916, January, To France; April, Prisoner at Ypres.

WOOLHEAD F. ; Col.-Sergt., 5/6th Batt. Beds Regiment.

WOOLHEAD Frederick William, 54, Plantation Rd., postman ; 1914, Sergt., Nov., National Reserve.

WOOLHEAD T. ; Suffolk Regiment; Wounded.

WOOLHEAD Frederick Thomas, 56, Plantation Roads [Beds Territorials]; 1914, August, Private, 2nd Batt. Beds. Regiment; To France, Wounded.

WRIGHT Alfred Edwin, Clarence Road; Army Service Corps.

WRIGHT Frederick, Plantation Rd. ; Private, 4th Batt. Beds Regiment.

WRIGHT F.A. ; Royal Horse Artillery.

WRIGHT E. ; Driver, Royal Engineers.

WRIGHT Edward Francis, 6, Stanbridge Rd.