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Leighton Buzzard Roll of Honour

Shortly after the end of World War One, the Leighton Buzzard Observer published a list of men from Leighton Buzzard who had served during the conflict in either the army or the navy. The lists were published in consecutive editions of the paper from 18th March 1919 to 5th August 1919. The details have been transcribed below (question marks indicate details which were unclear).

Click on the letters in the 'A' to 'Y' index below, to navigate to the section for surnames starting with that letter.


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GALLOWAY William Stanley, Billington Rd.. Wounded.

GALLOWAY Alfred James, Billington Road; 1918, October, Wounded and Missing.

GARLAND Thomas Charles, Ringstead, Thrapston., late Leighton Buzzard, grocer; 1914, September, Private, East Surrey Regt.; 1916, Jan., To France, June, Wounded. December to France, Invalided home; 1917, July, To France; 1918, Mar., Prisoner, Dec., Returned to England.

GARNER Samuel, 104, Heath Road; 1916, May, Private, 11th Batt. West Kent Regt.; 1916, To France; Oct., Wounded

GARNER Edward, 12, Bedford Street, blacksmith; 1917, Nov., Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps.

GARNER George, 2 Lammas Walk, carter; 1918 June, Sapper, Royal Engineers.

GARNETT, sons of Mr. Garnett, 27a, Plantation Road :-
      Walter, Wireworker; 1916, Machine Gun Corps; 1918, March, Killed in action.
      Bert; Wounded; 1917, Discharged because of wounds.
      William, Private, Beds Regt.
      Eustace Albert, Private, 2nd Northants Regiment.
GARNETT, George, 46, Hockliffe Road, Basket maker; Private, West Kent Regiment; 1917, April 9th Killed in action.

GASKIN, sons of Mrs. S. Gaskin, 16, Vandyke Road :-
      William Thomas, Hockliffe Road, butcher; 1916, May, Trooper, 3/1st Beds Yeomanry, Transferred to West Surrey Regiment.
      Ernest John, 16, Vandyke Road, grocer; 1915, January, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery; 1916, February, To France; 1918, Gassed, April 18th died, Buried at Rouen.
      Harold Alfred, moulder, Two months in Beds Territorials; 1915, Aug., Private, 1/5th Batt. Beds Regiment; 1916, Feb., To Egypt.

GASKIN Wilfred C., Ravenstone, Hockliffe Road, Railway Clerk; 1917, Mar., Private, Training Reserve Battalion; Dec., Transferred to Royal Air Force; 1918, February, Pilot; 1918, April, To France; July, Seaplane Squadron; 1919, Jan., Lee-on-Solent Hospital with compound fractured leg; 1919, Demobilized.

GASKIN Charles, late of Leighton Buzzard; 1915, July, Private, West Yorks. Regt., To France; Wounded at Loos; Invalided home with shell shock.

GATES Percy Francis, 4, Regent Street, manager at basket works; 1917, Aug., Pte. Army Service Corps; 1917, To France.

GATES A.J., Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery.

GEAVES Edward, 17, Albany Road, body maker.

GEESON H., Regent Street, Beds Regt.

GEESON P., Hockliffe Road.

GEEVES, sons of Mr. Geeves, Barnscroft, Heath Road :-
      Charles ; 1916, Private, Royal Field Artillery; 1916 Transferred to Railway Batt. Royal Engineers; 1916, To Salonica.
      Sydney James, 1, Green Hill, farmer; 1916, February, Private, 3/5th Batt.,Beds Regt.,October, Transferred to 1st Batt. Leicester Regt.; 1916, December, To France; 1917, July, Invalided home, December Re-joined; 1919, March, Demobilized.
      Horace ; 1916, Private, Royal Defence Corps; [Home defence only]; 1918, Invalided out of Army.
      George James, 88, St. Andrew's Street, Porter. [8 years in Army, South African War, etc.]; 1914, Aug., Private, Royal Irish Fusiliers; 1914, Aug., From Africa to France; 1915, Dec., Wounded; 1917, Aug., Discharged because of Wounds.
      George William, 88, St. Andrew's Street, [ -- years in Beds Regt., South African War, etc.]; 1914, Oct., Private 5th Batt. Canadians.

GIBBONS William, 88, Bassett Rd., moulder; 1915, October, Sapper, Royal Engineers.

GIBBS, sons of Mr. George Gibbs, "Norwood", South Street :-
      George Haydn ; 1914, Aug., Private, Canadian Mounted Rifles; 1915, Corporal Mounted Police; 1915, Aug., To France, October, Wounded, To Mounted Police at Shorncliffe.
      Frank, coach body builder; 1914, September, Private, Beds Regiment; To France, Invalided home, Rejoined Royal Air Force as Instructor; 1919, Demobilized.
      Frederick Cyril, coach body builder; 1914, September, Private, Beds Regiment; 1916, July, Transferred to Essex Regt.; 1916, July, To France; September, killed in action.

GIBBS Ernest Frank, "Torbay", Hockliffe Road, upholsterer, grandson of Mr. Jas. Gibbs; 1916, Jan., Driver, Royal Horse Artillery, To France; 1919, Demobilized.

GIBBS, William Alfred A., Northampton, late Leighton Buzzard, Linotype Operator; Army Service Corps [Motor Transport]; Jan., 1917, To Salonica; Attached Royal Serbian Army, Demobilized, March, 1919.

GIDDINGS Arthur Thomas, 40, Ashwell St., Draper's manager; Private; 1918, Feb., To France, April, Gassed, May, Died from effects of gas.

GILL Bernard, 20, Market Square, wholesale warehouseman; 1917, June, Private, Training Reserve; 1918 June, To France; October, Wounded, Demobilized.

GILBERT Arthur Charles, 39, Lake Street, baker; 1916, June, Private, 12th Batt., Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.; To France; Demobilized.

GILBERT William F., 96, Bassett Road, coach trimmer; Private, East Lancs. Regt.; 1918, June, Invalided out of Army.

GILBERT Harold, Plantation Road.

GINGER Joseph, 31, Dudley St.; Private, 7th Batt. Beds Regiment, Sergt., To France; 1916, July, Killed in action.

GIRLING, sons of Mr. Girling, late of The Bank, Leighton Buzzard :-
      Leonard, [joined Beds. Yeomanry in 1913]; 1914, Aug., Trooper, Beds. Yeomanry; 1915, Dec., Invalided out of Army after pneumonia; 1917, April, 16th Died.
       Fred Aleck, [joined Beds. Yeomanry 1913]; 1914, August, Trooper, Beds. Yeomanry;
1916, August, 2nd Lieut., Beds Regt.; 1915, June, To France; 1916, March, Returned for Commission; Sept., To France with 1st Beds Regiment; 1917,July, To 4th Batt. Beds Regiment; 1918, Mar., Wounded and Prisoner; 1919, March, Invalided out of service.

GLOVER Frank, 8, Water Lane, farm labourer; Private, East Lancs. Regiment; 1918, October, Invalided out of Service.

GLOVER Joseph, Bassett Road.

GODDARD W.E. ; Sergt., Warwick Regiment.

GOING, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Going, 29, Mill Road :-
      William John, 7, Barrow Path [12 years in Army]; 1914, August, Private, 1st Batt. Beds Regiment; Corpl.; 1914, August, To France; 1915, July, Killed in action.
      Francis Harold, 29 Mill Road; 1914, August, Private 1st Batt. Beds Regt.; 1914, To France; 1916, July, Killed in action.
      Herbert ; 1918, March, Private, Northants Regiment; 1918, April, To France; Sep., 20th Died of Wounds.

GOODCHILD Ernest, High Wycombe, solicitor's clerk at Leighton Buzzard; Royal Garrison Artillery; 1917, October, Killed in action.

GOODMAN Ernest John, son of Mr. Goodman verger at All Saints' Church, grocer's manager; Jan., 1916, Pte. Royal Fusiliers; To France; Wounded; To Italy; Wounded; 1918, Sept., 30th Killed in action.

GOODMAN Westley George, 7, Hockliffe Road, grocer's assistant; 1916, May, Pte., 10th Batt. Suffolk Regiment.

GOODMAN T., Private, Army Service Corps.

GOODWIN sons of Mr. Goodwin, 35, Dudley St. :-
      Thomas Rupert, motor trimmer, [9 years in Navy]; 1914, Aug., Seaman, H.M.S. Submarine 13; 1916, "Jutland.
      Horace Charles, motor trimmer; 1914, September, Pte., Oxon. & Bucks. Light Infantry; 1915, July, To France.
      Stanley R., fitter and turner, 1918, May, Private, 3rd Batt. Norfolk Regiment.

GOODYEAR William, 17, Queen Street; Pte., 5th Batt. Beds Regiment.

GOODYEAR D.C.; Private, Northants. Regt., Wounded.

GORDON H.W., [late police constable at Leighton Buzzard]; Sergt., Grenadier Guards; Killed at a Bombing School in France,

GOSLING Gerald Francis, Rushmere; 1917, March, Rifleman, Queen's Westminster Rifles; 1917, October, to Palestine; 1918, June To France.

GOTOBED John Peter, 7, Church Street, clerk; 1915, Private, Army Ordnance Corps; August Lance-Corpl; 1918, April, Corpl; 1915, October, To Egypt; 1917, To Mesopotamia.

GOTZHEIM C., Queen Street; Private 5th Batt. Beds Regiment; Invalided out of Army.

GRAVES F., Private, Suffolk Regiment.

GRAVESTOCK, sons of Mr. Gravestock, 2, Back Lane :-
      Sidney A., baker [two months Beds Territorials]; 1914, Aug., Private 2/5th Batt. Beds Regt.; To Sussex Regt.; 1917, To France; August, Missing, Prisoner.
      Ralph ; 1916, January, Army Service Corps.
      Sidney; Private 2/5th Beds Regt.

GRAY Arthur Leonard, Hockliffe Road, police constable at Leighton Buzzard, [2years in R.G.A., -- years in R.H.A.], 1914, August, Bombadier, Royal Field Artillery; 1915, June, Corporal; 1918, February, Act.Sergt.; 1914, To France; 1916, To Salonika; 1918, To Palestine; 1919, March, Demobilised and resumed Police.

GREEN Cecil Henry, 2nd Lieut., "Horwood", Grove Road, corn merchant; 1914, September, Private, 10th Royal Fusiliers [V. and Public School Batt.]; 1916, 2nd Lt., Oxon. and Bucks Light Infantry; 1915, December, To France; 1915, October, 9th Died of Wounds, Buried in The Grove Cemetery, Meanote.

GREEN William, Eastwick, Albany Road; [4 years in Queen's Westminsters]; 1915, May, Pte., Queen's Westminsters, July, Invalided out of Army; 1918, Rejoined, Guardsman, Coldstream Guards; 1919, Feb., Demobilised.

GREEN Albert L., police constable at Goldington, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Green, 2, Stambridge Road, 1915, March, Lce. Sergt., 1st Batt. Beds. Regiment; 1915. To France; 1916, July, Wounded; 1918, January, Discharged because of Wounds.

GREENING William Charles, 23, George St., clerk; 1916, March, Private, 3/5th Batt. Beds Regiment; Transferred to 20th Batt. Royal Fusiliers; 1916, September, To France; 1919, Demobilized.

GREGORY William Joseph, The Gables [ -- years in Royal Berkshire Regiment]; 1914, Aug., Private, Royal Berks., Regt.; 1916, Aug., Regimental Quarter-master Sergt.; 1918, April, to American Embarkation Sta., New York; 1914, Aug., To France; October, Wounded; 1919, Feb., Demobilized.

GRIFFIN George, King St., carter; Private 1/5th Bat. Beds Regiment; 1918, Nov., Died of Pneumonia.

GRIFFITHS Archibald, Grove Place, shipwright; 1914, Aug., Petty Officer, Royal Navy; 1914, H.M.S. "Himalaya"; 1916, H.M.S. "Gloucestershire".

GROOM, sons of Mr. Groom, 21, Lake Street :-
      Frederick Charles, wireworks; 1917, Jan., Private, Beds Regiment, Transferred to Herts Regiment.

GROVES Arthur, Private, Army Service Corps.

GROVES Fred, Ashwell Street; Private, Suffolk Regiment.

GRUNSELL Ernest John, George Street, compositor; Private, 2/6th Batt. Suffolk Regt.; 1918, Nov., Invalided out of Service.

GROVES, sons of Mr. Groves, 17, Albany Road :-
      Edward, railway coach body maker; 1916, February, Sapper, East Anglian Royal Engineers, 1916, May, To France, 55th Field Company; 1919, March, Demobilized.
      Harold, Fitter, [joined R.A.M.C., Nov., 1913]; 1914, August, Private, R.A.M.C., Berks Yeomanry; 1917, Transferred to Royal Engineers Railway Workshops Company; 1917, Nov. Transferred to King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; 1917, April, To France; 1918, Wounded.

GUESS Harry, 12 Chapel Path, labourer; 1915, Sept., Pioneer; 7th Labour Batt. Pioneers, 1915, Sep., To France; 1916, Dec., Invalided out of Army.

GUESS, sons of the above :-
      Harry Oliver, butcher; 1915, March, Pte., 2/5th, Batt. Beds Regiment.
      Harold, butcher; 1915, July, Driver, Royal Field Artillery; 1916, July, Invalided out of Army.

GUESS Walter, M.M., 90. St. Andrew's St., postman; 1914, Sept., Pte., 8th Batt. Beds Regt,; 1915, August, To France; 1916, Mar., Mentioned in Despatches, Apr., Wounded; 1917, Military Medal at Loos; 1917, Feb., to India.

GUESS Henry, M.C., 1914, Sept., Private, Beds Regiment; Transferred to Royal West Kent Regt.., Sergt.; 1917, 2nd Lieut.; 1915, To France, Wounded; 1918, June, Wounded, Sept., Military Cross.

GUESS William, 12, Mill Road; Private, 3rd Batt. Beds Regiment.

GUESS T., Private, Beds Regiment.

GUESS, sons of Mr. Guess, 18, Back Lane :-

GURNEY James, 83, North Street, blacksmith; 1914, Sept., Private, 1st Batt. Beds Regiment; 1915, To France; 1916, July, Wounded.

GUY James, 26, Friday Street.

GWATKIN Harry, Bridge Street, motor mechanic.